Monday, 19 October 2015

NO ! please don't pay us !

CUTS ! CUTS! CUTS! that's all we hear about in Derby UK from the council and the leader Ranjit Banwait. Service after service is being cut and jobs and pay are being reviewed!
The latest example being here
With this in mind you would expect the council to generate income from buildings and sites it owns in the city to help fight these cuts ! well it would make common sense wouldn't it ?
Well you would think it would but then this is Derby City Council we are talking about which is why we learnt in recent weeks after I put a question to the council at a recent Full Council meeting that the council is not being paid any rent for the use of the Sinfin Tannery site as a construction site for the controversial Sinfin waste incineration plant. The site comprising 4.2 hectares of land sited next to Sinfin Lane in Sinfin, Derby will be used by Resource Recovery Solutions - a Shanks / Interserve company for more than two decades to process and burn via a gasification process the waste of Derby and Derbyshire.

On 16th September 2015 I asked the following at the Derby City Council Full Council meeting.

"Question from Simon Bacon to Councillor Rawson 
At a recent Blagreaves Forum Councillor Banwait suggested the council lacked property that it could generate income from to help in these times of financial hardship. The city council is owner of the Sinfin Tannery site on Sinfin Lane which is now in use as a building site for the joint waste management contract.  
Please confirm how much the Council is being paid yearly since work started for use of the site?"

The council response - given by Councillor Martin Rawson came as something of a surprise !
"The Council is not seeking to generate an income from this site; we are building a waste processing centre on it with our partners.  The facility will provide a sustainable way of dealing with the residual waste produced by the City and parts of the County."

So while we have the leader of the city council claiming we lacked property to generate income we gift a valuable parcel of land to others !

The deal Derby residents are getting is as raw as an uncooked sausage !


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